Monday, November 29, 2010

Icky Monday.

Hello there, boys and girls…and welcome to Monday.  Ick.

“Ick” pretty much explains the weather today.  It is cool and rainy and just one of those days that makes you want to snuggle in bed all day. <----And that’s exactly how I felt when I got up this morning.  In fact I think ALL of us wanted to do just that.  One MORE day of T-giving break would’ve been nice.

BUT…It was going to be Monday with or without our cooperation so it was off to school for the kids, off to work for Daddy, and off to the treadmill for me.  Hmmm, is anybody else thinking of the song from Sesame Street “one of these things is not like the other…”?  -sheepishly raising my hand here-

In my defense, though, my job goes on 24/7 with little or no breaks (as any Momma can tell you) so if I choose to hit the treadmill for a 15-mile run on a Monday morning then so be it. Winking smile  Yep, I decided that today’s long run would be extended a little as I tried to work out my frustrations with a good, long run.


  • Monday.
  • Icky weather. Storm cloud
  • Didn’t sleep well, due to yesterday’s nap. Annoyed
  • Car wouldn’t start.

Did the above frustrations get worked out?  Well, sort of.  It’s still raining, and my car still won’t start but things are definitely looking up.

You know when I was talking the other day about Tyler’s first HS game, when he was all decked out in his warm-ups?  Well, I thought I’d let you judge for yourself…isn’t he handsome?  Oh and an update from Saturday night’s game, I didn’t feel the need to sob when the boys ran out, BUT, we lost the game by 14.  But really that’s not too shabby for a team from a MUCH bigger school than we are.  We came out of the weekend 1-1! GAMENOV27


I am going to sign off and try to track down my hubby to give my car a jump (and hopefully a new battery).  I suppose I need to venture out in this rain and start running errands…it must be done.  With or without motivation.

Love y’all Red heart



Jen said...

Bummer on the car, hopefully it's a quick/cheap fix!


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I think that weather is coming to us tonight and tomorrow! Hope things work out with your car :)

Keri said...

I am signing up with 2 of my new friends here for a 4 mile run through the Night Safari. I know that's merely a warm-up for you, but it's a big 'ol deal for me!! Gotta get my running game on so when I come visit you at your cabin we can go for runs together! And yes, a boy in a warm-up suit is very cute!

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