Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy Bee

I’ve had a busy busy day today!  At one point, I had piled in the front seat of my car:busybee

  • Bulldog Booster Club stuff – I’m sec/treas and we are getting ready to print our yearly program book that is handed out at all home basketball games.
  • Boys Basketball Fundraiser stuff – We are having a Bake Sale/Yard Sale this Saturday morning to raise money for new game day warm-ups for the boys…Yikes, I have a kid in HS.  Sorry, sometimes it just hits me!
  • Lending A Hand stuff – We are sponsoring a Black Out Night at one of the boys’ home basketball games in January and as part of that we are selling special t-shirts for everyone to wear that night…it’s gonna be awesome!
  • AND Upward Cheerleading stuff – We have been working this week on getting all our coaches lined up and getting everything ready for our orientation and evaluation in a couple of weeks.  Getting excited!!

Along with all this that I’m currently working on was my junk…you know purse, water bottle, jacket, running gear, mail… <----I cannot complain about the kids making my car look like a school bus right now because I’m doing it all by myself. Winking smile

Before the madness continued this morning, I went to my mom and dad’s and spent some quality time with their treadmill.  I sweated all over it for 6 miles and called it good. 

I have to hit the treadmill every so often because it is so much easier on my joints.  The TM is more forgiving than the pavement.  I have been having to go back and forth since last year because joint and muscle stiffness/pain is a side effect of the Femara that I take and I can certainly feel it when I’ve pounded the pavement too much.  I even was so concerned with leg pain last year that I called my doctor concerned that I had breast cancer metastasis in my right leg.  It was fine, of course, but scary nonetheless.  So some occasional treadmill time it is.

Well I think I’ve wrapped up everything for this evening.  I’m going to finish my green monster deliciousness and go watch the CMAs in bed with Katie, my hot flash maker snuggle partner.

Have a good evening y’all!


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