Monday, July 2, 2012

Time For A Second (and FINAL) Opinion

Hey guys!

Today was Katie’s appointment in St. Louis for her arm.



And because of that, we got to explore yet another side of the Barnes Jewish amazing medical staff.  Of course I would rather have not have had to get to meet the fine people of Washington University Orthopedics, but this is definitely where we wanted to be with an injury like this.


This is a comparison of Katie’s x-rays: the one on the left is from Thursday morning after it had been set, and the one on the right is from today.  Not a whole lot of difference, yet, but we are praying and believing in the big healing that is going to come soon!

Regardless, it’s MUCH better than this, which was taken in the ER:

Geez, our poor girl. Sad smile

She looks just pitiful, doesn’t she?


Yes, she is feeling MUCH better.  She hasn’t had pain medicine since the second night at home, and has only had ibuprofen occasionally since then.  I am so glad she’s not in any pain.  Her being bummed about not being able to swim and cheer is bad enough.

She had her favorite big brothers/protectors there to support her today:


Such good boys.  They have been so sweet to their baby sister these past few days. 

We go back next Monday for another set of x-rays to check on the healing.  After that Dr. Goldfarb (whom we all LOVED!) will determine when we will be going to a short arm cast for a few weeks.  We were hoping that Katie would be able to eventually transition to a waterproof cast, allowing her to be able to swim, but unfortunately the severity of the break isn’t going to allow that to happen.  She needs super stability as her breaks heal and the waterproof casts don’t have as much support as the fiberglass casts.  Katie was super disappointed.  We were too, for her, but also so thankful that today’s visit was overall positive in that we don’t have to do another surgery or anything like that.

Katie was more like herself last night than she’s been since last Wednesday night, when this all started.  She was showing us that she has figured out how to do her cheer dance, modified with her cast, and then she proceeded to do this:

How we are going to keep this child still for several more weeks is beyond me. Winking smile

Thank you for all your prayers, from the bottom of our hearts. Red heart 

Love y’all!


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