Colorful Casts, Boots, Pool Competition, & A New Study! (whew!)

Ok- So since I can’t manage to get an update every day, here’s a recap of our week so far:


Katie had her 2nd set of x-rays in STL.  Take a look, IMG_3490

So there hasn’t been much change…boo Sad smile  The dr assures us that all look good and that it WILL heal, it just takes time.  We have also been concerned about the offset radius, but he also feels that as she continues to grow (and she has a LOT of growing left to do) that it will straighten itself out.  He feels that more surgery to attempt to straighten it is not worth the risk since it more than likely will correct itself in time anyway.  He said that she may have a little bit of limited motion for a little while, but is sure it will come back over time.  Again, since she is so young and has a lot of growing left to do, there is some leeway with how “perfect” the bones have to be aligned.  Of course we want it perfect NOW, but we are going to have to be patient and let our girl heal.

She was able to talk her dr into putting some color over her splint, though, even though her arm is not healed enough to be put into a hard cast yet.  How could he say “no” to this face?!  He couldn’t Winking smile 2012-07-12 001

We go back a week from today, July 19, for her next set of x-rays.

And here’s what Katie has written in her journal about her arm…breaks my heart.




Time now for MY dr’s appointment for my leg/ankle/foot/whatever else decides to break!  It’s been three weeks now that I’ve sported this lovely boot…too long!


Looks ok to me!


Anyway, the dr agreed that it is getting better and I got permission to wean myself from the boot.  Yay!!!  So I can go without it around the house and just use my judgment on how it feels as to whether or not I need to wear it or not.  Obviously if it swells, hurts, etc, then I need to put the boot on for a little while.  But I go back in two weeks for repeat x-rays and a re-introduction to running…OhMyGosh, is it really happening?!  It’s been 4 long weeks, so it will be a total of 6 WEEKS with no running (or walking, really).  To say that I am SO ready is a vast understatement, maybe not quite physically but MENTALLY!

These cuties accompanied me to my appointment.  Playing games on the iPad. Smile


SheReadsTruth: IMG_3506


Epic pool competition held at our house! Since Katie can’t swim, the boys have been so sweet to include her in their time when they are in the pool.  They let her make up all kinds of crazy things to do off the diving board and slide, and they do them all, as she directs them of course!  She has them doing all kinds of cheerleading moves, toe touches, cartwheels off the diving board, herkey jumps (you’ve never seen funny until you’ve seen 16 and 14 year old boys attempt a hurkey!), and all sorts of silly tricks.  She loves it and it gets her outside with everybody.  Of course we have to wait until later to go out since it’s so hot but nobody seems to mind…it’s summer!

2012-07-12 0011

And I think Zach was declared the winner last night after she got done tallying all the scores, judging by Tyler’s expression: 2012-07-12 0012

SheReadsTruth: IMG_3530


I was excited to see what the fine ladies over at SheReadsTruth had in store for the new study that starts today, since we finished up Living The Surrendered Life yesterday!  And it looks like another great one, of course!  Head on over and join us in the 21-day study of PRAYER.  Here’s today’s journal:

I have no idea what’s on tap for today, other than waiting for my sister, Layne, and her boys to get here later this afternoon!  We are excited to see them!

Have an awesome day, friends!

Love you!




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