Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tie Dye Friday

It is a pretty gloomy looking Saturday here.  It started raining first thing this morning and we have yet to see any sunshine today. 


But really, it’s ok, since we are in the middle of a draught and need rain soooo badly.  So I feel sorry for those with outdoor plans but it’s not all bad.

We’ve still been trying to come up with new and different thing to keep Miss Katie from getting too bored during the day.  So her Aunt Layne brought her a tie-dye kit when she got here yesterday!  After going and getting a white shirt from her drawer, we were all set…kind of.  It was quite the process…a very MESSY process!  Somehow in all the steps I forgot to put on the gloves and now my hands look like I’ve strangled a smurf.  I may have told Katie while we were working, “I’m going to beat your Aunt Layne when she gets here.” Winking smile 

But it ended up being a really fun project, just a tad messy.  She loved it and had a great time choosing her designs and putting the dye on her shirts.  They actually turned out pretty cute!


Just remember to WEAR THE GLOVES!!

Yesterday and today were days 2 & 3 of #SheReadsTruth s21 day-study on Prayer.  2012-07-14 001

My biggest takeaways so far:

  • We can talk to God anywhere, anyhow, anytime…but we should also make the conscious effort to sit in quiet and listen for Him to speak to our hearts. 
  • Be direct.  Don’t bargain or make deals with God.  He already knows the desires of our hearts and we can always open our hearts to Him.
  • There is power in prayer.  Sometimes we have to ask others to pray for us, and with us. 

Love this #SheReadsTruth group.

Guess what else I love?! 

THIS: IMG_3565


That’s right!  Exercising without that dang boot!!!!  I’m still doing the same no-impact exercises that I was doing before, but since I got the instructions to wean off the boot, I’ve worked out without it!  And it feels GREAT!!!  Yippee!!!!  My ankle still get puffy by the end of the day, but doesn’t hurt so we are moving in the right direction.  I’m being very careful and listening to my body.  So far, so good!

I’m off to enjoy more family time!

Have a good weekend, guys!


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