Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not A Run

Check this out!!!  Look familiar??


Unfortunately, it’s wasn’t run stats. Sad smile  Oh how I wish it was!!!!  This is just my morning no-impact cardio workout that I completed this morning while watching Sunday’s Drop Dead Diva on DVR.  I have been contemplating getting a heart rate monitor for such workouts, then I realized that -DUH!- that I have a perfectly good Garmin Forerunner that does the same thing! So this morning I pulled my beloved watch and chest strap out of the drawer in the kitchen and gave ‘er a good charge and headed to get my sweat on!  Of course, the only stats that are correct are the time and the heart rate, but that’s all I need it for anyway (for now).

When I plugged my watch into the computer I was scrolling through all my old runs and found my 17 miler from Rock N Roll St. Louis Marathon training last October (the one that DIDN’T happen because of broken ribs), and it made my heart melt.  I absolutely cannot WAIT to run again.  5 1/2 weeks is wayyy too long. 

On the upside, though, my average heart rate was 165 for an hour and ten minutes!  Looking back through my log, that’s about the same as a run!  WooHoo!

Movie day with the cousins yesterday was great.  We had lunch and saw the new Ice Age movie.  It was really cute!  And we all made it through the movie except Brayden, who was done when the popcorn was gone. Winking smile  Afterwards we made the dreaded trip to Walmart (puke) but then made myself feel better by taking Katie and I get to mani/pedis.  I skipped out on the pedi, though, due to the horrific memory of my one and only pedicure gone bad – think, running blister that they popped and led to a massive infection that required lots of antibiotics to get rid of.  Yeah, so I’m not exactly a fan.  But Katie, she LOVED it.  She looked the happiest I’ve seen her in three weeks.  Yes, it’s been three long weeks today since she broke her arm.  ONLY three weeks.  Gosh, and it seems to have been foreverrrrrrr.  2012-07-18 001

Today’s Prayer #SheReadsTruth devotion was John 17:



It’s back to STL tomorrow for more xrays for Katie.  Praying for LOTS of healing to have taken place in the last 10 days!

Later gators.


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