Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is It Tuesday?

So how’s your week gone so far?  It is Tuesday, right??

Geez, I can’t remember what day it is lately!  Every day seems to be pretty much the same since Katie broke her arm:

keep her inside,


keep her still,


and don’t let her get away with TOO much, being the hurt little princess and all.Winking smile IMG_3606

Um, yeah.  We doing great on all accounts.  Confused smile

But it’s all in the name of keep our girl’s spirits up because it just breaks my heart when she curls up on my lap and whimpers, “I just want to be done with this cast.” 

Today we are getting out of the house with the cousins and going to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.  It should be a good day!  And doing something a little different is always a good thing!

The prayer study is continuing…are you doing it?  If you have an iPhone, just get the You Version Holy Bible app and do it with us!  The gals over at #SheReadsTruth are really doing so great in putting all of this together and it continues to be a blessing.2012-07-17 001

The sermon on Sunday morning was from Ephesians 3, and this was my favorite part:


“…more than in our wildest dreams!”  How awesome is that?! 

It’s almost movie time around here!  The cousins are on their way, so I better finish getting ready.  From Katie, Courtney (beloved American Girl doll), and I,


Have an awesome day!



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