Some Healing Goin’ On & The Lovebirds

My doctor’s appointment for my leg/ankle/whatever else is broken (ha) was yesterday afternoon.  And it went pretty well! 

The x-rays showed the new bone that is building around the stress fracture in my fibula and the puffiness that I’m noticing is just a typical healing reaction.  <------All good things!!  All my ligaments and tendons are solid, as they have been. 

The doctor said he really wants me to get to the 8-12 week (post-injury) mark before I am back to full-on running.  I am into my 6th week…6 weeks, 3 days to be exact.  I could probably count the hours, but I’ll spare you.  SO, I got the go ahead to start walking next week.  2 miles, nothing crazy, and see how it feels.  The week after THAT, I can start SLOWLY JOGGING…emphasis on slowly.  After that week, it’s all based on how it feels. 

The thing that got me yesterday was when he said, “You have broken a major bone in the body, for no reason.”  You have to be careful.


I’ll be careful, and I’m certainly not rushing into anything.

I promise. [And I really am serious.]

On to other things…

This morning I broke out my Extreme Burn DVD, and it kicked my butt…in a good way of course.  I have put this DVD away for the last 6 weeks because I knew I would have to do a lot of modifications in order to avoid any impact on my leg.  But frankly, I REALLY wanted to do something different today, so mods it was!  Even with lots of modifications, it had my muscles trembling.  I’m so glad I went ahead and did it.  And I wore my HRM and was glad that my heart rate showed my effort!



Yeah!  Not quite the same endorphins as running, but it’s really close!

And today’s Prayer devotion-



And yesterday was my Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary!


How cute are they?!

2012-07-25 001

Happy Anniversary, you lovebirds! Winking smile




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