Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Week

It’s hard work trying to occupy an injured 8-year old.

Especially one who is used to flipping and cheering and swimming and bouncing all over the place.

It is definitely not as hard as the healing she is having to do, but I am constantly trying to come up with new and different ideas to keep her entertained.

The other day we had a paper doll fashion show… IMG_3422

…and when we were still playing paper dolls at almost 10:30pm I was beginning to question my sanity.  Katie wasn’t even CLOSE to being tired!  It makes sense though, since she can’t burn off any of her energy during the day!

The boys have been AMAZING with their baby sister this past week and a half.  I cannot express how much I appreciate their kindness and their patience with her.  I am not surprised.  I love them so much.

They made sure that she did not miss out on some fireworks this week:

2012-07-04 001

And my very favorite:


Freeze time please.

And working out still includes no running.  It’s been 4 weeks today since I have ran…and it sucks.  But on the bright side, I haven’t killed anyone yet so that’s good. Winking smile  I have been wearing the boot for 3 weeks tomorrow, so I will be going back to the dr this week to see if I can go ahead and stop wearing it.  I don’t feel like my ankle/leg is in running shape yet, but not wearing the boot will be a big improvement!

2012-07-08 0011

And I’ve had twelve more beautiful days of TRUTH:

2012-07-08 001

Tomorrow is another appointment in STL for Katie’s arm.  We are praying and believing for lots of healing to be taking place!

Love y’all!



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