Monday, July 30, 2012

Fighter Krissi

Hey Monday!

Monday of the week that Katie will hopefully get her splint off and be braced (literally) to SWIMMMM!!!!  (And that means I can swim, too, since I made the whole “I won’t swim until you can, sweetie,” comment…)

We go back to the dr in STL on Thursday and Katie’s already planned that she is getting out of the car and jumping straight into the pool as soon as we get home!  She said she doesn’t even care if she has a swimsuit on or not.  Me either, actually.  I pray the appointment goes as anticipated or we will be two VERY disappointed girls.IMG_3635

Ok, first things first- another Survivor Sister was welcomed into Heaven on Friday, after a long battle with breast cancer.  Krissi was diagnosed at stage 4 in December 2010 and has been fighting the good fight ever since.  Although I never met her, she always inspired me with her bright smile and her positive attitude.  She always said she was going to kick cancer’s booty…she was so determined.  Her last journal entry that she wrote herself on July 12 ended with, “I’m still fighting with all I have.  All my love and prayers!!! :-)” 


I am praying for comfort and peace for her family, especially her husband Brent and their two children, Jake and Ellee.  I know you are rejoicing in your healing in Heaven, Krissi. Red heart 

We have been all up in the Olympics since Friday night…have you been watching?


It was like pulling teeth to get Katie to go out to dinner Friday evening because she wanted to stay home to watch the opening ceremonies!  We assured her that we would record it, which we did, and that there would be no gymnastics going on while we were gone.  She is all-about the gymnastics, of course.  As soon as we got home from dinner, she and I watched until the very last firework had gone off…Daddy wasn’t nearly as excited and he headed to bed.

We found some time to get some snuggles from baby Allie the past few days…2012-07-30 001

I mean, seriously…does it get any cuter than this?!  She is so sah-weetttt!

And, looky what I did yesterday (and today)!!!


Oh yeah!  That’s a 2-mile walk right there!!!  I was a little bummed that my ankle got sore as I got towards the end of my walk, and for a little while afterwards…but later on it stopped being sore and didn’t bother me again.  This morning it felt great when I started and got sore again towards the end.  I’m going to keep an eye on it and call the doctor to make sure everything is ok.  But I’m excited!!!

Our #SheReadsTruth group is coming close to the end of the 21-day Prayer devotion plan.  We are starting the new plan, topic TBA, next Monday!  So here’s your chance to get the app downloaded and join us! 

DAY 16-IMG_3806

DAY 17-IMG_3832

DAY 18- IMG_3850

DAY 19- IMG_3860


Alright, guys, I’m off.  Laundry and bookwork calls.

Cherish every moment, tell someone you love them, and LADIES- have you done your monthly breast self-exam or is it time to schedule your mammogram??  Get on it.  You could save your own life.

Love you!



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