Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Numbers

Ok, so I’m getting a little confused on my days here…

This is Day 3 of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak,



I ran a mile before starting my Extreme Burn DVD, then during the cardio bursts on the DVD I hopped back on the treadmill and ran some more.  Again I kept it at a 2% incline throughout.  It was about an hour and half total and was a total body workout plus cardio.  Boom. Smile

And it was DAY 7 of the #shereadstruth Bible Study: Recently Updated 

Today’s devotion was focused on setting our minds on Jesus and not on earthly things.  This whole devotion series is called Soul Detox and so today it was talking about how earthly things and thoughts can easily lead to toxic thoughts.  We need to fix our minds on Jesus and what HE wants for us and how HE desires our thoughts to be.  There are so many things that can easily wedge in between us and God, separating us and leading us away from Him.  I took notes on how we can focus our thoughts, like spending more time in His Word, in prayer, confessing when we have those toxic thoughts, and forgiving others when we may be holding grudges.  I focused on the areas of my life that I need to change and am praying that this study will help me to do just that.


Have a great day, guys!  My girl and I will see you guys later. Red heartPrincess


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