Friday, May 25, 2012

Let’s Go Friday

Continuing with most of my routine, I was up and at it earlyyyyy this morning.  Yes, even earlier than usual.  Yikes.

I set the alarm for 430am so I would have time to chug my coffee and read my daily devotionals.  I started a new program called Soul Detox by YouVersion, through the Bible app on my iPhone.  I am on Day 2.  A few bloggers out there started it and I learned about it on Twitter via the hashtag #shereadstruth .  Nice right?  I am completely in love with the hashtag.  How perfectly fitting.

I hit the treadmill early to watch the news and do this on the treadmill:



4 miles at inclines of 5-15% and speeds of 4-4.5mph.  Sweat-fest.  Loved it.  And I swear I could hear Jillian Michaels’ yelling at me to “Get your hands!!!” more than once.  Guilty. Winking smile

The majority of the walk was based on this routine from


I had never visited the blog before but found it via Pinterest and found this treadmill walk.  It’s a good one.  Brutal at those 4.5s and 15%s but still, good. 

Annnnddddd, if you’re squeamish look away, but Zachary managed to do this to his big toe last night in the swimming pool…






That is a chunk out of his big toe Sad smile  Oh that is going to be so sore.  He just jumped straight down into the pool “pencil style” and his toe hit one of the drains on the bottom just right wrong and this is the result.  Ouch. 

But according to him, chicks dig scars. 

Ummm, son, I’m not so sure the “chicks” will looking at the bottom of your feet. Winking smile

I’m off to the city to see my doctor and buddy, Tim!

Later gators.


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