Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Things To Share

This was on the agenda this morning:


A very speedy treadmill interval run that I printed from Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s Pinterest page.  I haven’t done anything this speedy in awhile and boy did I feel it!  It was great but whew!!  Of course I didn’t stop at mile 5.20 as the workout says, rebel I am, but I kept going til 8 miles.  Mainly because I felt good but also because I was watching E! and was totally zoned out to junk TV.  I finished it off with a killer arm workout that I found somewhere, but I can’t remember where so I’m not going to post it…but my arms are jelly now.

I have two things I want to share with you this morning and they are completely unrelated to one another:  First is my new workout digs!! I’m still waiting on some cool motivational posters to put on the walls, but this is the home for my new baby (my treadmill) and possibly my new favorite room at our house.  You can imagine. Winking smile  IMG_2698

You can’t see the weight bench in this picture, but it’s there too.  The front is two big windows looking at our pool…glorious.  I heart this so.much. 

My medals got their new place yesterday, too.  Welcome home, bling! Open-mouthed smile IMG_2699


The second thing I want to share with you, is a blog post that I read last night.  It is from Faith, Food & Fitness and I was so blessed by Katie’s post last night that I took a screen shot of a portion of it and just had to share a part of it with you.  Go to her post and read the entire thing…you will be blessed by her faith and her inspiration to share it.  Promise. 

Yes, it IS amazing.  But I am not surprised.  We serve an AWESOME GOD!  I am so thankful that He led me to read her post last night. 

I’m off to spend the day in the pool with my girl.  It’s going to be a beautiful day followed by a night of baseball!  Summer League is back! Sun

Love y’all Red heart


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