Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Check-Up In The Books

Hey guys!  I’m back from the big city and am happy to report another great check-up!

2012-05-25 002

>>>>>  HaPpY DaNcE !!! <<<<<

The appointment went great and included all the usual: labs, physical exam, Q&A, and then always a lot of laughs. Open-mouthed smile  Laughs at my oncologist’s office?  Oh yes.  We are blessed to have become very good friends with Tim and Heather (the wifey) and the family so there is always a lot of reminiscing, story telling, and funnies involved. <----that’s my favorite part Winking smile

And we all have a date in the very near future.  ‘Bout time!

We wrapped up our day by going to get a new light for the deep end of the pool (it went out), lunch at Olive Garden, and a run through Costco.  Then it was home sweet home to our kiddos who were all happy to see us and even happier to get the good check-up news!

I am always touched by a sign that hangs in the waiting room at Siteman and it pretty much sums up my thoughts


Cherish every single moment, my loves.

Tell someone you love them, and just what they mean to you today.

And please, for goodness sake- check your tatas and save your own life.

Love you!


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