Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Counting Days

Hey y’all!

Are you participating in the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak??  I wrote about it and linked it up in my last post, so even if you’re a little bit behind you can still check it out and join us.  It’s a great way to  keep motivated in these hot summer months, right?  Run at least a mile, every day, between Memorial Day and 4th of July…ok, GO!

Today I ran 3 miles at 2-3% inclines, I just kept switching it up back and forth.  I kept my speed at 6.1 because inclines wear your booty out!  After the 3 mile run, I walked a mile at 4.0 at varying inclines of 5-9% then kicked it up to 12% for the last minute of so.  Yeah, just a minute…whew!



When I finished I did a whole boat-load of squats and lunges, then finished up with planks via the guidance of Gymboss.  


No, my planks did not look like this.  Wow.

And since everything I’m doing right now involves counting days, I will share that today was Day 6 for me of 2012-05-29 001


Laundry, baseball, and Hatfields & McCoys are on my agenda for the rest of the day.


1 comment:

Charissa said...

Haha, I still can't believe those people who can do crazy "planks" like that...maybe someday you will!!

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