Have you ever heard of RipDeck?!


Well basically it is a MUCH less messy of the playing card workout that I’ve done before.  And I love it!

In the playing card workout, I take a deck of cards and assign an exercise to each suit.  For example, hearts are lunges, diamonds are situps, and so on.  Then after shuffling the cards I put them in a stack and start drawing them one at a time.  The suit determines the move and the number on the card determines the number of times I perform the move.  It’s pretty cool, and just an easy way to get an at-home workout and a GREAT way to change up your routine.  Although I haven’t done it in awhile, I really like it!

Last night I was reading Caitlin’s post on “Best Fitness Apps.”  Along with her mentioning MY SUGGESTION of the GymBoss app (cool!), her suggestion of the RipDeck app immediately caught my eye.  I downloaded the app and tried it this morning after my 4.15 mi. walk/run. 


And the verdict….PERFECT!!!  It is essentially my playing card workout with no cards to shuffle or having to write down what suit is what (because I always forgot).  Plus any workout that is new every time and incorporates technology is a win in my book!  Score! 







You can set it at different fitness levels that determines what moves you will do, and at the end it shows you a summary screen that tells your total time plus breaks down how long it took to do each individual exercise.  I think it’s very cool. 















So I know I already posted earlier this morning, but I wanted to share this with you before I forgot and also before the holiday weekend festivities began!  Whatever you’re doing this weekend, remember to be safe and remember WHY we have the freedoms to celebrate. Peace




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