Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Full Week

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far. We are in the middle of a crazy-busy week here! We have 4 basketball games on the schedule this week, plus a new Bible study that we start tonight, my dad's birthday tomorrow, and a trip to STL Friday.

So the basketball games are not going so well since our first game win last week :-( We have lost the last 3 so we are now 1-3. But they are improving every day and hopefully things will turn around for the boys. We have 2 more games this week on Thursday and Friday so maybe those will be wins for us!

Tonight at church, we are starting a new Bible study called "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild. Beth Moore did this as a group study on her blog this summer, but I didn't do it so I am super excited to get started! While I am doing the Bible study, the kids will be participating in Power Up, the kids' worship/fellowship time. I'm looking forward to this evening, even though it falls in the middle of a c-r-a-z-y week!

Then Friday we finish off the week with a bang and my last Herceptin treatment!!! I am Believing God for good labs and a great treatment! I am excited to wrap up what has been a year-long journey. As I said in an earlier post, I am a little nervous about making the transition from patient to survivor, but I am definitely looking forward and UPWARD as to what lies ahead. I am hoping to have some time to eat a celebratory lunch before we leave the city Friday, but with us having to get back for Tyler's game at 530pm, that may not happen...we are going to have to boogie back! So we may have to leave the celebration for another time. Maybe we'll go somewhere! Vegas perhaps?! THAT sounds so fun to me. It has been over 10 years since I have been there, and I would love to go back. Maybe, baby ;-)
Ok friends, I'm going to go and find some laundry to do or something. My bathroom needs cleaning attention, too...ick. Does Mr. Clean make housecalls? Hmmmmm.....
Have a great day all!


selah said...

I did that study (with a group) earlier this year and it is great! You'll love it. She has a totally different style than Beth Moore (not near as in-depth) but it is still an excellent study.

I'll be praying for you this week...for all to go well on Friday and for the peace that passes all understanding to fill your heart and soul. Love you dear! D

Mrs. LC said...

Wow, busy week indeed! In list form, since that's how my brain works:
1. I'll be praying for you on Friday. :)
2. I can't wait to hear what you think of that Bible study!
3. I want to go to Vegas, too!! Let's do it!!!
4. Um can you give Mr. Clean my number? I have some laundry that needs foldin'...

Anonymous said...

Everything is going to be great at the doctor tomorrow! God is so good.

I'm anxious to hear more about your Bible study...I really need to find one for myself, so you have inspired me.

I definitely think you should go to Vegas to celebrate! Love ya, thanks for all the support on my blog :)

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