Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lending A Hand


Happy Wednesday, friends :-)

I am so excited to tell you what has kept me busy lately!  My friend, Tiffany, and I have been working on getting a fund started in our community to help local cancer patients.  We started the Lending A Hand Fund, a nonprofit 501c3 fund, to help with food, lodging, prescriptions, co pays, etc that goes with being treated for cancer.  All money raised for our fund stays local, which is a big deal.

The idea for LAHF came to us when we were both having chemo last winter.  There is a definite need in our little community for this type of fund.  We are the first to offer help such as gas cards and reimbursement for lodging, prescriptions, and co pays.  Unfortunately we found out first-hand how little there was out there to help Tiffany and I. 

We live in an amazing little town that always steps up to help one another when someone is in need.  Benefits held over the last couple of years have raised tens-of-thousands of dollars for families in need due to deaths and illnesses.  YES, WE ARE AMAZING!  And we think it would be amazing if we had a fund already set up so that we can disburse money to those who need it, as it’s needed.  We have already had a great response to our first fundraiser, selling t-shirts with our logos.  Print We are now taking orders for these t-shirts in cancer-awareness specific colors.  Our example here is in lime green because that’s the color for lymphoma, which is what Tiffany had.  How happy am I to tell you that my family’s t-shirts are PINK?!  Hehe ;-)  And I’m also going to get some other colors…a girl’s gotta match with everything, ya know?! 

We are also planning other fundraisers to hold year ‘round, of course.  There are some that are going to be just plain F-U-N!

We are excited to begin helping others!  Who knows where the Lending A Hand Fund could go?!  May God richly bless it and get all the glory! xoxoPrint

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Mrs. LC said...

This is so cool! You guys should make a website and/ or find a way to sell these online. I'm sure many would buy shirts to support you! (If the price is right, I'll buy one--- if not it'll have to wait til I get a job lol). I'd definitely link to it on my blog, too. :)

You are such an inspiration, love. :)

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