Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture Perfect

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but it hasn’t been an overly-interesting week!  We have had just typical days…Praise God!  You don’t realize how much you appreciate normal, uneventful days until you’ve had a year like we have!  hehe

I’ve taken it very easy on my leg this week, I think I have pinpointed the source of my discomfort…my knee.  I did run 10 miles on Sunday, but took Monday off.  I ran again on Tuesday and had the same soreness.  Yesterday I walked on the TM and had no discomfort at all while walking, and very little afterwards.  Today, Kim and I went to the park and walked and it barked on me a little, but not much.  So I think the walking is helping.  I really think it’s all related to the asphalt-pounding I have been doing (which is MUCH harder on the knees than the TM, which is set to “soft”) and the Femara that I am taking indefinitely and the effect it can have on the joints.  So I will continue to take it easier and go back and forth between walking and running until it gets totally better, which I pray is soon! 

We did have a beautiful walk this morning.  It has been an absolutely beautiful weather week here in the Ozarks!  Just picture perfect!  See:

 August 09 001 August 09 002

August 09 007  August 09 004 August 09 003

Check out the baby deer we saw on our walk.  It still had it’s spots!  So cute!  I haven’t figured out how to zoom on my iPhone yet (I don’t even know if I can) so it didn’t come out very clear, but it’s there!August 09 005-deer

So I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day.  I’m going to figure out what’s for dinner and do some laundry this afternoon.  And hopefully watch last night’s episode of Top Chef that I DVR’d,  LOVE that show!  We didn’t watch because we are die-hard Cardinals fans and we were watching yet another Redbird Rout!  Cards Win!  Cards Win!  Last night it was a 10-3 romp of the Brewers…postseason here we come!  I am so excited, we have Cards tickets for the next two Friday nights!  Yippee!! 

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Mrs. LC said...

Aw, baby deer! We live in a real woodsy and swampy area, and the other night out on a walk we saw two deer! We actually got really close to one before it ran off. I love nature. :)

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