Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Basketball Time!

bulldog%20pride I can’t believe it’s time for basketball season again. Already! I’m excited though, because there is nothing like watching your kid out there hustling up and down the court and scoring! It’s so exciting! Somebody get me a cheerleading uniform, QUICK!

Haha, we laugh, but I would totally put one on and cheer today if they would let me! Might embarrass the heck out of my kid but oh well…my LOVE for cheering is THAT STRONG! Well, and I really like basketball, too ;-)

But the night was a great success despite the fact that I didn’t don a uniform. WE HAD A BULLDOG WIN LAST NIGHT!! The 7/8th grade boys are now 1-0! WooHoo! They did a great job and I am so excited for more games!

More action shots: 8thBasketball 001 8thBasketball 004 8thBasketball 007 8thBasketball 0198thBasketball 0238thBasketball 0268thBasketball 021 8thBasketball 030



selah said...

Congratulations on a win! Oh, to cheer again...that would be fabulous! I don't know about the jumps though, since I haven't done a toe touch in years! You should come over to a Grizzly game sometime...we have an awesome cheer team!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it either! Time is flying :) Your kids are lucky to have a cheerleader for a mom, lol!

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