Thursday, September 3, 2009

Power In Pink

Hey friends :-)

Back in May, I submitted my story for consideration for Under Armour's Power In Pink Campaign for breast cancer survivors. I was so excited, hoping that I may get selected to be the one of three chosen to represent this season's PIP ad campaign. Unfortunately, I was notified back in July that I hadn't been selected, and they sent me the usual form-letter and 2 pairs of UA's socks from the PIP line. Sweet socks, but I was kinda disappointed.

But today I got on UA's PIP website and was watching the 3 survivors chosen tell their stories. I was so touched by all of them, they are GREAT and MOTIVATING women and I can see why all 3 were chosen. Samantha's story touched me the most, though, because we have an eerily similar story, minus the fact that her cancer had spread to her liver before diagnosis...and She was 23 when she was diagnosed.

Anyway, I got to looking on the page and underneath the video screen is "More 2009 Survivors." After clicking on it, I saw ME!! And 19 other women with our written stories that we submitted. Now I don't know if they are going to switch these out until they have displayed all the hundreds that were submitted, or if these are finalists, I don't know...but I am SO HONORED to be included! So, if you just can't get enough of me and want to read my story AGAIN, go ahead and click on over and take a! And there's a lot of other great and inspirational stories there, too, along with some super cute clothes. I have already ordered and will definitely be rockin' the hoodie this fall/winter!

Later xoxo


Anonymous said...

Yay, Erica! That is so awesome :)

Keri said...

Yeah!!! I visited the website and loved reading your story! What I love the most is how proud you are to be a child of God and how obvious it is that you relied on Him to carry you through. I am very proud of you!

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