Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ballgame Treatment

I have had a theory that cancer treatment should always be paired with something fun…or something to look forward to. 

Before chemo started last October, Jack got me a pink laptop to use during chemo and to have upstairs when I didn’t want to go sit in the office.  During chemo I bought myself a new outfit or a new pair of shoes each time.  New clothes just makes everything better!  Since chemo ended in February, I have held off a bit, not getting some new every time ;-)  But I have occasionally got something cute to wear.  THIS time, though, we backed up my next-to-last Herceptin treatment with a Cardinals game with our BFFs!!


It is so great going into treatment and be focused on the good time coming that evening.  It was especially nice because everything on Friday was running behind.  The lab misplaced my paper so that was 45 mins late, my dr was 2 hrs behind, and treatment was running slowly as well.  We should have been out of there around 1pm and it was 4pm before we left.  But it’s ok because either was you look at it:


Can you sense the excitement?!  OMGosh, I am beyond excited!!  I.can’t.wait.  Ahhhhh, it’s so close. 

OK, so back to the dr appt…I have been stressin about this pain in my leg for a week or so now.  I even took last week off from running or walking to see if it got any better, it didn’t.  I was so nervous to even ask my dr about it, but when I explained it to him, he checked me out and said that he didn’t think it had anything to do with cancer.  (Because, in my deepest thoughts, every ache and pain is cancer now.)  But he said that  it was a combination of running and the Femara that I am on that can cause a specific type of tendonitis and joint pain (can’t remember the big name he used).  He said that if the pain increased or felt different to let him know.  Praise God!  Part of me is still a little anxious about it because the last time I took a dr’s explanation and skipped out of his office 2 years ago, it clearly wasn’t nothing.  But I am just going to monitor myself very closely and don’t worry, I will be calling if anything remotely changes! 

Friday morning I was praying and I have, of course, poured out my heart to God all week about my fears about my leg.  As we were preparing to leave for STL, I got the Daily Bible Verse in my email on my cell phone:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  John 14:27

I felt as if I had just had a ginormous hug from my Father in Heaven and had tangible acknowledgement that He hears my prayers and is listening.  Can you believe God emailed me?!  Hehe, yeah I can, too ;-)

So, since my dr said that I could run, I did just that today…surprise, surprise.  It felt great!  I did 6 miles on the TM and think I am going to stay on the TM for my runs because it is so much easier on my joints.  That asphalt is hard on a menopausal girl! ;-)  Afterwards, I iced my leg and we’ll see how it does.  I am Believing God!

Have a great week, friends!

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