Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today is the 1st of October and marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

PINK surrounds us! (This is a good thing!)

I have been looking forward to October and BCA Month because I feel very supported and encouraged by all the publicity that breast cancer receives. It is SO researched and SO in the public's hard to miss the pink yogurt lids and the pink ribbon on everything from Cheerios to contact solution. And I LOVE it! It makes me feel very powerful and PROUD that I am a SURVIVOR!! Praise God!

Tonight in STL, they are lighting the Gateway Arch pink in honor of BCAM! VERY cool! From 7pm - midnight the arch will be pink! I wanted to see it in person so much, and with the last treatment tomorrow it would have been perfect except for the fact that Tyler has a ballgame tonight. And I'm NOT leaving for STL at 8pm! Oh well. I am enjoying this ball season so much because last year I didn't get to see many games due to my surgery and then starting I am enjoying every moment this season! GO BULLDOGS!

So friends, be aware of your TATAS this month! If you are 40 and older, you should be having a mammogram every year. If you have a family history of breast cancer, I believe the guidelines are to start having mammos 10 years prior to your family member's diagnosis. So if your mom, aunt, nana, sister, was diagnosed at age 45, you should start having mammos at 35. My sisters, who are 26, need to start regular mammos now. Here me, girls?! And regardless of your age, do your breast self exams every month. Nobody knows your breasts better than YOU (well, maybe your significant other!). Regardless, be aware. Breast cancer caught early is so treatable and mostly curable.

In closing...I read MizFit's blog this morning and she had breast cancer survivor, Jacki Donaldson, as her guest poster. PLEASE read her post, it is perfect and powerful and is totally ME.

Bring a little awareness to someone's day today! Have a great day, friends! xoxo


Mrs. LC said...

Happy BCA month. :) That would've been so cool if you could've gone up there to see the arch tonight - rather symbolic. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!

Mrs. LC said...

Hey would you maybe want to write a guest post on my blog about breast cancer/ breast cancer awareness and what we can do? Perf. for BCA Month, me thinks. :) let me know!

Anonymous said...

That would've been neat to see the arch all pink. But I think it is totally even more awesome that you are still with us and able to go to your kid's basketball game! May God bless everything you do tomorrow and ease you through the transition. You are a SURVIVOR :)

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