Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lending A Hand

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday!

We have picked up where last week left off, in terms of busy-ness! Basketball games, fundraiser work, and household errands all abound this week. And my mom says it will only get worse as the kids get older...whoa boy! It's all good though. If there's one thing this last year has taught me, it's the appreciation of ALL times...busy and unbusy. There's nothing like a good ol' NORMAL busy week! Love it.

The basketball game schedule is a little easier this week because we only have 2 versus 4 like we had last week. Tyler played last night (and lost) and plays again on Thursday. Both games are away.

On Saturday afternoon, Tiffany and I spent 3 hours sorting through our Lending A Hand Fund tshirts. We had 300 shirts to sort into all the many different orders. It was quite the chore for these two "chemo brain girls" to list and sort and label! I'm not so sure it was smart for the two of us to tackle this job! Haha, but we managed to get it done somehow and with minimal mistakes!
So yesterday (Monday) was busy making tshirt deliveries all over town and putting shirts in the mail. A friend of ours and current Miss Missouri International, Emily, is donating her time and hard work into putting together a Spooktacular Costume Contest as part of our kickoff fundraiser on October 24. Tiffany and I are so thankful for her help and Emily also receives credit for her title for working with a nonprofit charitable organization. So it's a win-win! Here is us with Emily yesterday. I told her mom to shoot from the waist up because I was the only one in slouchy windpants and Em and Tiff were in cutesy jeans. I didn't want to be the only one lookin' like I was bummin'!
We also got the kids their flu shots today, which was an interesting after school activity! Even with the numbing cream that I used on Katie's arm she still about had a complete runaway. It worked so well last time...but no so much this time. Oh well. So after a busy day, this Mama wanted to come home and take a nap but it was not in the cards. I cooked dinner and comfort food topped the menu. Good ol' mac n cheese did the trick! It.was.divine. OMGosh, love love love me some mac n cheese. It has been my fave since childhood. Guess that's why it's like the ultimate comfort food for me!

See y'all later on! I'm going to chill out with the fam and watch The Biggest Loser. I love this show! Does anyone else sob when they see Abby?! When they show pics of her family and talk about her, I just lose it! Bless her sweet heart. There are no words.

Have a great evening! xoxo

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Mrs. LC said...

mm mac and cheese. :) and I love those shirts!

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