Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Geez! A Week?!

Over a week, actually. Sorry :-( I've still been reading your blogs as time has allowed, but it's just been a cah-razy week!

Now that we are in full-fledged basketball season for Tyler, the games and practices have been nonstop. Zachary doesn't have a lot going on right now so we're good there, and Katie really doesn't either, except for the cheer clinic she had last week. My schedule consists of just following the kids around, except for our Bible study on Wednesday nights. And Jack, well, he's strung out between 3 houses right now so he's just a teensy bit busy (heavy sarcasm here).

A few notables of the past week:
  • Katie is reading full sentences now! What a big girl!
  • There's another cheerleader in the house!! Katie went to her first cheer clinic put on last week by our high school squad. She was SO excited and did great! It's crazy, it seems like yesterday that I was teaching little girls in our hs clinic. Geez. She got to perform during one of Tyler's games last week, on the floor and everything. Yes, she is doing cheers in her sleep. I LOVE IT! ;-)
  • Tyler jammed his finger playing ball the other night and insists on practicing and playing through the pain...tough guy! But his ballgame schedule has been nuts! He has two tournaments left, the next two weeks, then he is done until high school ball next fall. Oh my.
  • Zachary organized a "pink day" at school this week. He even took a couple of pink shirts that he had for a couple of boys who didn't have pink shirts. He is the most tender hearted little man I have ever seen. The oneriest, but the sweetest!
  • I am speaking at our ladies' night at church tomorrow night. The theme is "Faith, Hope, Love, and...Chocolate." I get major nerves every time I think about it, but am excited at the same time. I even made a photo video set to music for tomorrow night that I will post as soon as I figure out how! Pray for me!
  • I started taking blood pressure medication last week in hopes that it will take care of my stroke-level white coat syndrome. My bp is crazy high when I go to any dr, even when I have Michelle take it at her clinic. Now my mom can take it at home and it is normal. But, we are trying this to see if we can get it under control continuously. We'll see! I hope so!
  • We are now beginning to see cases of H1N1 pop up in our area. The other school in our county shut down yesterday for the rest of the week, and I believe our school will be next. There were 60+ absent today, which is a good bit considering we are a district of 500 total. We all received our seasonal flu shots a couple weeks ago and our H1N1 shots this week. Hope they help!
  • Our kickoff fundraiser for the Lending A Hand Fund is SATURDAY!! We have two bands set to play, a fish fry, a costume contest for kids, and just an all around good time. I hope there is a good turnout and we raise some big bucks to help others in our community suffering from cancer. Tiffany and I went to PB this morning to talk on the radio about it and it was the coolest thing ever! I only had one "duh-moment" when I forgot my phone number! I looked at Tiff like, "A little help here!!" It was too funny, and quite the experience. Don't think I'd like to make it a career though!

Well, I think you're all caught up. Maybe. I'm sure something has slipped my mind, but I'm not sure what right now! I will try to not let another week go by! *crossing fingers!*

Have a great what's-left-of-your-Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

Wow you are busy! :)

I think you are going to be great at church tomorrow night. That sounds like such a neat event -- my church needs to get some more women's stuff going (or maybe I do, ha ha).

We have a lot of H1N1 popping up around here too, making me nervous. We haven't gotten the H1N1 shots in yet but I did get my seasonal flu shot, which has helped because I've known tons of people to come down with the flu already.

Stay well and let us know how everything goes! Love ya :)

Mrs. LC said...

No worries, life gets busy for all of us (speaking of which, I really need to shoot off an email to you! I feel like I have stuff to tell you and update you on!)

1. HOORAY for Katie reading sentences and her cheerleading!! Sounds wonderful. :)
2. Tyler sounds like such a wonderful young gentleman pushing through the pain of his finger jam like that. :)
3. Zachary sounds like SUCH a sweetheart! I love that he organized a pink day! Gosh, if I were you I would have been so touched!
4. Stay flu free! :)

xoxo dear, we should shoot off some emails soon. Good luck with the upcoming fundraiser!!

Keri said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow night!!! You will be awesome!

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