Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Happy Tuesday, friends :-D

I hope your Tuesday looks prettier outside than mine. We have rain...again. It seems like we have had a lot of rain lately. It's supposed to be a cool and crisp fall, not a soggy and dreary one! Despite the yucky weather, I headed outside for a great 7-mile run yesterday and it was fantastic. The run, not the weather. I didn't have to run in the rain, but it looked like the clouds could open up at any moment and pour. But, thankfully, I was spared and I really enjoyed myself. Best of all: no leg/foot pain! Hmmmm, tart cherry juice maybe? Yesterday was kind of a test for me because I haven't run outside since my leg joints have been giving me "issues." And throughout the 7 miles, I felt fantastic, and no pain! Yay! But I don't want to push it by running outside too much, so today I was back on the treadmill for 7. It's all good, though, cause like I said, it's really coming down outside today.

I'm going to back up to last Thursday for just a sec because I believe that's where I left y'all hanging. We had our "Faith, Hope, Love, and...Chocolate" ladies' night at our church Thursday night. It went great! I prayed for peace and courage all day long, and the LORD heaped it on my head as I was able to speak about my year-long journey with breast cancer. I pray that God receives all the glory for my words, and my journey. The turnout wasn't quite what I had hoped but it was raining and all yucky outside, and there is quite a larger number of flu cases around. And if there's anything that will keep people away from a public event, it will be the fear of getting the flu. But the night ended with chocolate, so that's always good ;-)

Then on Friday, bright and early, we headed to STL to meet with my new ob/gyn. I guess I can just say gyn, because I don't need the ob part anymore! The appointment went very well, and I L.O.V.E. my new dr! She is easy to talk to, answered our questions, and I felt like she knew where I was coming from, in wanting to have the hysterectomy. After her exam and talking with us, she said she could schedule me for THIS THURSDAY! Yikes! And as ready as I am to get this over with, I told her that I really wanted to wait just a little longer so that I could get through Tyler's basketball season, he only has until next week left. Of course the more I think about it, there is really not going to be any good time to do this before the end of the year; which it needs to be done before then for insurance purposes, obvi. So when she calls with another date, I am going to jump on board and get this done. I am so ready. Other things will just have to wait, if they must.

Our Lending A Hand Fund Kickoff Fundraiser was Saturday night. It took an army to get the event together, but our army showed up and boy was it mighty! The bands were amazing, the fish and all the fixins were great, and we had a lot of positive feedback on our "little fund that could." We ended up raising over $4000!!! Yippee!!! I hope that when January 1 rolls around that we are able to help many many people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Because, that's what it all about, folks.
Have a great rest of your Tuesday, friends!

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