Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Date is Set

Hello, friends! Happy Thursday to ya! ;-)

We have rain, rain, and more rain here. Yuck. Seems like we have had a lot of it lately. I'm so happy to have gotten two runs in outside this week! This morning I was back on my ol' friend TM for 5 quick miles.

About 3 miles into my run, my dr's office called and told me they had a surgery date for me if it works for me. So it looks like Wednesday, Dec. 9 will be my bye-bye girlie-parts day! There is really NO time in the next two months to have it done, so I had made up my mind that whatever date they called me with, I was gonna go with. Nevermind the fact that my sister's baby shower (that I am hosting at my house, nonetheless) is on Saturday the 12th! Oh geez. What have I done?? But I have already informed my mom that she may have to prop me up in a chair and do all the work that day. I will only be 3 days post-op. I can picture myself propped up in my lazy chair with sunglasses on, lookin like Bernie cause I am too sore, tired, and all jacked-up on pain meds to care! Goodness. I hope not! I know I won't be running around doing much, but I hope I at least feel like getting out of bed and putting on makeup. Oh you KNOW I will! I would do anything for my sisters. And my nephew, who is to be named Brayden, BTW! Thanks, Jess for letting us in on the little guy's name. As for my other pregnant sister, Layne, we STILL don't know what she and Brett are naming their little bundle of joy...and she is due in like, 3 weeks! Hmmmmm..... I like Eric. I'm just sayin.

So I'm off to enjoy the rest of this rainy day. I have worked on Katie's class' Halloween treat bags today...tomorrow is the big class party day, ya know. And now a load of laundry beckons me from the dryer. It's so chilly and rainy out, I would probably be comfortable just climbing in all the warm, soft, fluffy clothes and hanging out. Crazy, but sounds kinda good right?!

Have a good afternoon, all!


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have a date set. When my mom had hers, she was taking it easy but was able to put makeup on and enjoy herself (sitting down) a few days later. How exciting that you have two new members coming into your family soon!

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