Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Ya know, I really hope that this blogging once-a-week thing is not gonna be the norm forever!  Every time I think about sitting down and writing a post, I am bombarded with many other things that need to be done: laundry, dinners, housework, office work, and the list could go on and on…unfortunately ;-)

But for the last week, here has been our life:

HALLOWEEN 09 October 09 020 TOO MUCH RAIN=FLOODING AT OUR CABIN!  YIKES!!October 09 021CHURCH HAYRIDE AND BONFIRE October 09 022 October 09 024 October 09 025 October 09 028 October 09 029HAYRIDEPICSCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY October 09 031October 09 037  October 09 033 October 09 035 Yesterday Tiffany and I made a trip to STL to get our ports flushed since it has been 5 weeks since last treatment.  All went well, and I thought I was going to be an aunt again before the day was done because my sister Layne called and thought she was in labor…false alarm!  So no baby yesterday, but soon.  :-)  Oh, and an OMGosh moment with my BP yesterday, 124/82!!!  That, folks, is an all-time low for me in STL!  Guess the BP med is working!  Yay!

We are having family pics taken tomorrow, much to all my boys’ chagrin.  They are really balking this time and I have no patience for it, really.  You would think after the last year we have had that a family picture would NOT be so out of the question!  But no, being men and boys that they are, they are really complaining.  They better be careful, or it will be mother-daughter pics. ;-)

AND Katie woke up with a cough and a 101.4 fever this morning.  She feels fine and was disappointed that she couldn’t go to school.  But her class of 19 only has 9 today, so something is going around…unfortunately most of it is flu :-(  I am praying that the seasonal flu shot AND the H1N1 shots that we all got are going to kick in and she won’t get any worse. 

I hope that everyone is having a great week and I also hope that it won’t BE a week before my next post!  Later, friends!


PS~ Something I’m working on: “Do everything without complaining or arguing,” Philippians 2:14


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

great pictures! you look so cute in the one with your daughter!

Mrs. LC said...

Katie is adorable! so precious. :) So sorry she is sick though! How long ago did she get the flu shot? Is it possible that she's now experiencing flu like symptoms because of the shot?

LOVE YOU FRIEND!! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments you left today, I'm glad you got a chance to catch up and every single comment brought a smile to my face. xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, Phil 2:14 gets me every time! I'm working on that too ;-)

Hope Katie gets better soon. Glad your BP is down too!

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