Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sickly Weekend

So the flu bug has officially hit our house :-( Katie tested positive for Type A flu yesterday morning. I was so disappointed because 1)I don't like her to be sick (duh), and 2)We took every precaution and have been SO careful to keep us healthy. A little over a month ago we all had the seasonal flu shot, and then about 3 weeks ago we had our H1N1 flu shots. But, despite our proactive approach, Katie has caught the bug anyway. And apparently so has most of both Kindergarten classes at school...poor babies. Katie is one of a couple that have tested positive for Type A flu. Needless to say, the "ickies" has hit the elementary.

Katie is doing pretty well, considering. She has run a fever of 99.5-101 since she woke up on Thursday morning but it is pretty well managed by rotating Tylenol and Motrin. More props goes to the Motrin end...why oh why can't Tylenol work as well as Motrin?! Darn it. When she is fresh off a dose she is playing, cheering, asking to go to school, and being her usual bouncy self. When her fever starts to come back up and she is due for another dose she is puny and tired. She also has a cough and snotty nose.

So along with rotating the Tylenol and Motrin every 3-4 hours, as needed, we are also doing breathing treatments with a nebulizer twice a day. This is strictly precautionary; it keeps her airways open and lungs clear so that hopefully nothing pneumonia-like will set up. Katie is also on Tamiflu twice a day to help with her symptoms. And we have cough medicine to give her at bedtime so she can sleep without coughing. NOTE: She doesn't like any of this and vocalizes it very well.

So we are just relaxing here at home for the time being. Katie won't be cleared to go back to school until she is finished with the Tamiflu, which will be Wednesday. She is very upset that she can't go to school, or anywhere for that matter. I am saying plenty of get better prayers for Katie and the rest of the sick little ones. I would appreciate any y'all could send our way as well :-)

On another note, I have been watching Food Network all morning and I think I have stumbled onto something delicious to make for dinner from
5 Ingredient Fix:

Creamed Corn
Blackened Catfish

Have a great Saturday, friends ;-)


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Anonymous said...

Hope Katie gets better soon! Keep us posted, I'm praying for her :) And you too!

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