Monday, November 30, 2009

Way To Walk

Change in plans. All my boys (big and little) went fishing tonight, so Katie and I are enjoying our girls' evening. It requires a little shuffling on my part (dinner menu gets pushed to tomorrow night, homework needs to be done in the morning), but for the most part it's all good:-) The boys love it and gigging season only lasts til the end of January, so it's not like it's an every night deal...sorta;-)

Since I'm not cooking family dinner (yes, I fed Katie and I, but we don't require all the trimmins' like the boys do!), I had some extra time on my hands. I decided to log more treadmill time because I had something that I've been wanting to try. I have been reading Angela's blog, Oh She Glows and she is a runner and I've been noticing that some of her treadmill time includes walks. But not just any walks...10% incline 4mph. Um yeah.

I've never done a 10% walk for a constant 30 minutes before. I usually kick it up and then after a couple of minutes, kick it right back down! So I started off and all was good for a few minutes. But it wasn't long before I was reaching for the incline button but I DIDN'T LET MYSELF TOUCH IT...but oh man I wanted to! It was a serious workout. No kidding here, folks. Thirty minutes is a lot longer than you think when you are just steady, steady climbing a 10% hill! I did find, after much shuffling through the iPod, that "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas is the best for hill walking. It had the perfect beat for my stride and it kept me going when I seriously wanted to quit. I must've repeated it 4 or 5 times! Hehe;-)

Ok, so I'm gonna sign off for tonight and enjoy the rest of my girls' evening with Katie. She is the BEST FRIEND a mama could have;-)


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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, 10% for 30 minutes! That is amazing :) I usually work my way up there gradually and then only stay at 10 for a few minutes then quickly work my way back down.

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