Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skippin Out Early!

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINES! Ahhhh, today is going well.

I got up at the usual 530am, had my java and Jesus time and then hit the treadmill for a 5.5 mile run. I have been SO energized lately! I don't know if it is due to the blood pressure medicine, the fact that Herceptin treatments are over, or what...but I am LOVIN IT! My afternoon slump is gone and runs have been faster and higher mileage. I hit 46 miles last week...can't remember the last time it was that high. It's been awhile. SO good to be feeling good!

Today I am picking the boys up early from school because Tyler has an orthodontist appt in PB. AND I may or may not be going a little earlier than necessary so we can go eat lunch first ;-) Katie is on her last day of Tamiflu so she is still at home. She goes back to school tomorrow. Lemme tell ya, this girl NEEDS school! She is bouncing off the walls at home right now! I am so glad that she is better and her flu symptoms never got as severe as some. Michelle believes that her having the first 1/2 of her H1N1 shot gave her some protection from the severity of it. So all that lingers now is the occasional cough, no biggie. Thanks for all the prayers for the little princess!

I am busy planning two different parties and getting invitations out this week: Katie's 6th Birthday party, and my sister Jessica's baby shower. Could we BE any busier?! I wouldn't have it any other way:-)

I am gonna get off here for now. It's almost time for Katie and I to get the boys, and I still need dinner ideas so I have to browse some recipes for a minute before we leave. Hmmmmm, what to fix? Have a terrific Tuesday, lovlies!


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