Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Tart Cherry Juice a Day Keeps...The Joint Pain Away?

Happy Sunday evening friends;-)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday! Our day was beautiful and perfect. I got up a little too late for an all-at-once long run so I did 6.5 miles before church, then we went to eat at our fave Mexican place for lunch, and then came home and did 5.5 miles. 12 miles today! WooHoo! AND I was able to run them with no leg/joint pain!! I'll be honest, I've been having to take ibuprofen occasionally to be able to run because of the joint pain as a side effect of the Femara that I'm taking. But the last few days it has been minimal. Deserves another WooHoo!!

Could it be because of this?

A couple weeks ago, my mom told me about an article she read in Parade Magazine (you know, the one that comes folded up in most Sunday newspapers). Here's the article.

Since I've been having the joint pain when I run I thought I would give it a shot. No harm, right? It's just juice. I've been mixing 2 tbsp of this concentrate with ice water (although Jack says is good with tea) twice a day. And get this: my joint pain has been less and less. Interesting, no? ;-) Maybe there is something to this!

I thought it would be a difficult thing to find so I ordered two bottles of it from some website, and I'll be darn if I didn't see it at Walmart last week. Sheesh, Walmart really DOES have everything! LOL But I'm just going to keep drinking it, and I even got my in-laws started drinking it to try and help with arthritis pain. We'll see....

Have a relaxing Sunday evening, friends. Rest up because a fresh week starts tomorrow! We have 3 ballgames, Katie's mini-cheer camp, Bible study, and birthday parties. Let's go week!!



Mrs. LC said...

Interesting! Never heard that about tart cherry juice, but it's definitely a fun little fact. :) Maybe I should get some to see if it'll help me out at all?

Can't wait to get your guest post up tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

That is interesting! I may have to tell my mom about that because she has some arthritis and joint pain too.

Looks like you have a busy week coming up, hope it's all fun and that you have a great week :)

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