Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basketball and A Biopsy

Hello, friends! 

Sorry for the lack of post last night, but I was so wiped out when we got home that I did not get on the computer at all.  My iPhone, yes, but I was not about to type out a whole post on it.  And Saturday mornings are not usually a good time for me to post because of Upward basketball, but we decided to take the week off due to the District Basketball Tournament, which starts tonight.  GO BULLDOGS!!!


So back up to Thursday night… We went to see Tyler’s last JV game of the season before we headed to STL.  They lost Sad smile but played a realllllllyyyy good team and our JV Bulldogs cannot hang their heads at all about the season they have had.  After starting out the season racking up the losses, they finished with a flood of wins and a 500-record!  We are so proud of Tyler and his team, and are already looking forward to next year…well, after a little break that is!

I MUST give a shout out to the TWO BEST MANAGERS any team ever had!  Zachary and Sam have done such a fantastic job being managers of the boys basketball team this season.  They have been to every practice, every game, and have shown so much dedication to their job.  And I also have to mention that they are the very best of friends, and look and act SO MUCH alike it’s crazy!  You would think they could be twins rather than the cousins they are.  Great job, boys!  In a couple of years, some jr. high boys will be helping manage YOUR team. Open-mouthed smile


Ok, so after the JV game we headed to the city in rainy, yucky weather.  Katie was doing great, thanks to your prayers, and also the cheerleaders who took her under their wings and kept her happy and busy all evening!  **THANK YOU! MUAH!!**  It was full-on snowing by the time we made it the hotel around 10pm.  Yes, snow, blech.  Luckily it only amounted to 1/2-1” and was over quickly. 

Driving into the city made my stomach hurt.  We went at night, only because we HAD to.  Ugh, you know I how much I hate that.  If not, you can read why here.

The next morning, bright and early, we ended up here,


Waiting again,IMG_2368

I mean, really, it’s what we do best Winking smile


I was so happy to see my dr, Julie, come see us while we were waiting.  It made my day and calmed my nerves so much.  She has been there since day one for us and is flat-out amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about her.  Period.

Before long they called me back to have my biopsy and it was pretty much the same procedure as last Friday: Get dressed in a lovely (oh, so NOT) gown and pant combo provided, take off all jewelry, start IV for the contrast solution, wait to be called back for my procedure. 

The biopsy started off with more pictures to find the spot again.  After they located it, there was a lot of back and forth, in and out of the tube as I laid super still while they placed grid plates and got things ready.  I was numbed up – well, kind of, I wasn’t exactly all the way numb, it HURT! -  and then they proceeded in poking and prodding, taking samples with goodness knows what instruments, believe me I did not look!  They also placed a small clip at the biopsy site, so when a mammogram is taken they can see where it was exactly.  The whole procedure took a little over an hour then we headed up to Julie’s offices and mammography so they could take a new picture with the clip in place.  Then I was bandaged up, given post-biopsy instructions, got a hug from Julie, and set free!

I feel pretty confident about the biopsy.  Julie told me that 90 percent of lesions that look like mine are benign.  Yay!  I’m believing everything is going to be just perfect!

All I have now over the biopsy site are steri-strips and a bandage, which the bandage can come off today, the steri-strips will fall off on their own.  It’s pretty sore, but nothing that Tylenol won’t handle.

Please continue to keep Maggie in your prayers for a fast and easy recovery.  She had her double mastectomy on Thursday, and I was so happy to go see her at the hospital yesterday (we have the same doctors).  She looked great, and I am so proud of her.  She is even starting to have some hair grow back!  Maggie, my pink sister, you are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Red heart

So I’m off to enjoy my day and get ready for some BULLDOG BASKETBALL TONIGHT!!  This is an exciting time of season, because we are now to the point where everyone is one-and-done; you lose now, your season is over.  It usually elevates everyone’s game and makes it very exciting!  I am hoping for many BULLDOG WINS!!

Have a great Saturday, friends!!


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

So sorry the procedure was painful but I'm glad your doctor seems confident. Praying for you friend :)

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