Back At It!

I’m baaaccckkkk!!!! <----This is what I said as I walked downstairs to my mom and dad’s treadmill this afternoon. Winking smile

I was SO EXCITED to run today, after taking a week off to rest and reload.  It felt so good as I got all my stuff gathered up and busted out – get this – 14 MILES!!!!

My training “plan” called for me to do 12, but I felt great so I just kept going.  Some of the best runs happen that way, I believe.Smile  The stats were


TIME:  2:10:40

And I feel amazingI have missed my runner’s high this past week. 

Now we are going to get ready to relax and watch the Superbowl.  Our parents are here to watch with us along with our nephew and his girlfriend.  Low key and easy…that’s how we like it.  We are also a very family oriented group, so this is normal and nice.  It’s funny because as far as food prepping is going, Jack and the others are making some sort of elk meat rollups with cream cheese and jalapeno peppers to put on the grill, while I am preparing a big veggie tray and hummus dip.  Of course. Winking smile 

Are you watching today?  Who are you rooting for??

Our pastor talked this morning about The Big Game, too.  But rather than football, he was referring to the game of life and how we should always play with everything we have.  Give it all we got, leave it all on the field, and live it with gusto and with the Lord.  Perfect.

Have a great evening, friends!

Love y’all!



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