Monday, February 14, 2011

On Pace

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!! Red heart  I hope you’re enjoying your day so far!

Well, what a difference a day makes…  This morning’s outside run was absolutely perfect.

But let me back up a little because, at first, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen today. 

I picked up my Garmin from the charger this morning to put it in my purse so I wouldn’t forget it.  I went to turn it on to make sure it was fully charged and…nothing.  Again, I pushed the “ON” button and again…nothing.  What the heck?!  I was confused and was starting to panic a little.  [I know, it’s dramatic, but my heart really did skip a beat.]

What to do? What to do??

I did what we all do when we have a problem or question…I Googled it! Open-mouthed smile

After typing: 2011-02-14_garmin

I was thrilled to see all the results!  I clicked on the first link that popped up because of the description “my heart just about stopped…”  Haha, yep that’s me!

Luckily it was this first link that brought me to this page and post:


And…SUCCESS!!  The reset worked perfectly and my run was again ON!!  And like I said, it was amazing!

It was sunny, cool, and just perfect.  The splits and stats looked like this:


Can you say NEGATIVE SPLIT!!!!!  Check out that 10th mile at 8:32!!  Woo Hoo!!!  And obviously my pacing was much better today…darn near perfect for me.  I am feeling great right now.

I am off to get ready for the day.  I have Katie’s Valentine’s Party at school and it’s also the 100th Day of School Party.  I’ve made a huge pan of Rice Krispie Treats and I tinted the marshmallows PINK just for her party,  so cute!  I’ve never done that before…very festive!  Then Tyler and I are off to PB for a food doctor appointment.  He has been having some pain in his heel, which has all the symptoms of plantar fasciitis but I want it checked out, and I am going on recommendation from Michelle to get a baseline and monitor my “high mileage feet” as she says. Winking smile  I also want to see if some minor joint pain in my right ankle is normal Femara-related joint pain or if we’re dealing with something else.  Please no!

So I hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and that you get to spend it with someone you love!


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Matt Clark said...

Love you sis, how was Tylers food doc. appointment? Ive never heard of a food doc lol. Typo i Assume? Hope you had a fab day!!! Love you

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