Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warming Trend and Warming My Heart

Check out this morning’s temp:2011-02-10_0937

And this was at 10AM!! When I got up this morning – at 830, hello snow day! – the temp at our house was 2. No, not the wind chill, the actual temperature. Can you say BRRRRRRR… I don’t mean to complain, but boy am I ready for Spring.

But look what’s coming next week!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, I see sunshine and outside runs in my very near future!!! I am BEYOND excited!!!

So other than warmer temps in my future, I also wanted to tell you about our Black Out Night. It was an amazing night, with the majority of the community that came dressed in their black to support cancer awareness and our BULLDOGS! Which, by the way, saw a Lady Dawg win and a JV (Tyler) win!! But it’s always so great to see so many people come out and support a common cause. I am still working on tracking down a picture of the stands. My camera battery was dead, and I never managed to go across the gym to take a picture with my iPhone sooooo I’m kind of counting on being able to chase down a crowd pic somewhere! It was a great night.

I have to take a minute to brag on Miss Katie.


We had a donation box set up at our Lending A Hand table at the ballgame the other night. Katie wandering around being a little social butterfly – she gets this from her Aunt Jessa – and she began looking for something to do to help us. After we sold our last t-shirt, she said “Can I take a box and go get money from people?” AKA-get donationsWinking smile Tiff and I said “Sure!” so she went and found another plastic box to carry around the stands.

This girl worked the stands like nothing I’ve ever seen! She didn’t care if it was people she knew or not. Visiting teams, other town’s fans, rival players didn’t matter to her one bit. She boldly walked around that gym 3 TIMES and took donations, asking people to help our cause.

Each time she brought her overflowing box back to me to empty I was floored. And so proud. She couldn’t wait until we got home so she could help me count it.

And don’t you know that when we counted it, Katie had collected a total of $184.32 to help cancer patients. My heart is so happy.

When I asked her what she said to people as she took donations, she replied, “I just asked them if they would donate to Lending A Hand because we help people with cancer. And I think they also gave me money because I’m cute.” Heehee!

Very true, Sissy. You ARE cute, but your inside is as cute as your outside and that’s a very special thing. I am one proud Mama.Red heart

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my snow day with my kiddos. Katie is baking heart-shaped cakes in the kitchen so I’m going to go monitor her progress.

Talk to you soon, friends.


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