Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Is A Victory Song

Happy Tuesday to you guys!

And Happy 33rd Birthday to me!!



You know the American Cancer Society slogan that says survivor_02


It is so true.  Every birthday is a reason to celebrate!  And not just for those who have had a cancer diagnosis, but FOR ALL OF US!! 

Do you remember when you were little and your birthday was a true celebration? 

Did you have parties with friends and family?  Or sleepovers?  Skating parties? 

Did everyone gather around and watch you blow out your candles as they sang “Happy Birthday” to you? 

Did you have matching plates and napkins?  And a cake with your name on it?

Did you get to choose what your family would have for your birthday dinner?

Did you make sure everyone made a BIG DEAL just because it was YOUR DAY?

Well, I did. Winking smile  And I hope that you cherish your childhood birthday memories, too.

And I say there’s no reason that we shouldn’t STILL celebrate every birthday with all our hearts.  Enjoy every day, every minute that we are blessed with!

So I’m off to enjoy my day with my family.  The kids have the day off school because of this storm that seems to be sweeping the country right now.  We are just getting rain right now, but it is getting colder and colder and it is expected to get pretty slippery today and tonight.  I’m glad to spend my special day with my “babies!”

I hope wherever you are is warm and cozy.



Amy said...

Happy Birthday!

Tammy (SvrMomOf6) said...

Stumbled across your blog looking for inspiration to wish myself a happy birthday on my Breast Cancer Survivor blog too! Congrats woman, from a fellow young mom survivor!

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