Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Night of Firsts

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Are you awake yet??

Well whatever you did last night, I hope you were able to look back at 2010 and count your blessings and look ahead to 2011 with hope. Cheers! Martini glass

As for being awake, I am the only one in our house that is up, and it is now 9am. BOTH boys ended up going to the church youth lock in and after leaving the house with, “We’ll just call you when we are ready to come home,” they both ended up staying until the very end. They had a GREAT time at their first lock-in and I am so thankful for the adults that were there to chaperone so that I could stay snoozing in my bed. Winking smile There had a good turnout and tons of fun! Tyler and Zachary were completely exhausted when I went to pick them up…but who wouldn’t be after an all-nighter of basketball and Wii tournaments?!




I had to laugh when I saw this picture of Zachary! Look how TIRED he looks!!


He had a sleepover with his best friend/cousin, Sam, the night before where no sleep was to be found I’m sure. They they went bowling all afternoon for Sam’s party. Zach got home around 530pm and went to the lock-in at 7. He was wiped out before he even started! I bet he sleeps until dinnertime tonight!

Katie had a fabulous time at her friend, Abby’s, house.
This is the first time she has ever gone over to someone else’s house to play (other than family), and as far as she’s concerned, she’s really been missing out! We went to pick her up at 9pm and it took a lot of prodding to get her to come with me. She stayed up with us until 11pm to see the ball drop in NY, then after quick kisses we were ALL sound asleep.

So last night was a night of firsts for us! Jack and I were sitting in a quiet house and he said, “So I guess this is what it’s going to be like when they are all gone to college…”. We were quiet for a minute then started devising plans as to how to move to whatever city they choose to go to college so the kids can continue to live at home while they are getting their education. And then we can buy the house right across the street from theirs when they get married and have kids. Yikes! Can anyone see an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” here?? “I will not be Marie…I will not be Marie…” Winking smile

We laugh, but last night I really started see big changes in our lifestyles for the first time; and I’d be lying if I told you that it didn’t make me a bit uneasy. For 15 years it has been US choosing what to do and when to do it…and while we are ultimately still in control of that, the kids are beginning to develop their own social lives outside of going to the movies with their parents.

As we enter this new year with new circumstances full of firsts I am so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who never changes. He doesn’t move and He remains Rock Solid regardless of the changing world around us. I pray that He would be by our side as we begin 2011, and that we would allow Him to guide us each and every day. I ask that He would protect our children and keep them healthy and safe as they grow and change; and that they would take the love of Jesus with them wherever they go.

I also pray for blessings for you and your family in this new year.

Welcome 2011!


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