Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pardon The Interruption

“a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

HeyyyyySmile  Sorry for the interruption, folks!  I haven’t been on the blog-world since Friday, eeek!

I knew that I probably would not get a post out over the weekend because we were in the Lou hanging out with friends, but yesterday’s lack of post was not anticipated.  Let’s back up to the weekend, shall we?

Friday night was another Bulldog basketball game, and at the end of the night we chalked up a loss for the JV and another win for the Varsity.  The crowd was electric!  And by “electric,” I mean IT WAS ROWDY FRIDAY NIGHT BASKETBALL!  Nothing out of the ordinary, mind you…just good ol’ VB fans who like to give the referees heck at every call.  I’m tellin you, you could not PAY me enough to be a referee in southeast Missouri!  But it’s nothing new, and it’s all good.Winking smile


Saturday morning we headed to STL to spend time with friends Tim and Heather and their family.  The guys had St. Louis Blues tickets, and the gals had a date for manicures and dinner.  We have never been to a hockey game, and the boys had a GREAT first experience!  Zachary even got a PUCK!!  He took it to school yesterday to show everybody…very cool indeed.  Us ladies went and had manicures, it was Katie’s first.  She loved every.single.minute. of it!  Getting pampered and having her fingernails painted is right up this princess’s alley.  Although I fear I may have created a monster…before we left she was wanting her toes done as well. Winking smile

Is there anything cuter than little ladies getting their nails done??  I think not.January2011 051January2011 052

Sunday morning we drove back home and were greeted by a horrible smell upon entering the house.  “Oh my gosh, what IS that?!” were my first words to Jack.  It smelled like something was burning, but there was no smoke, no hot spots anywhere, everything was working…a mystery?  But as we made another pass through the kitchen, Jack pulled open the dishwasher and smoke and stench just boiled out of it.  Found it!  Of course the smoke alarms went off and everything. 

I guess what happened was the heating element in the bottom of the dishwasher came on by itself and had melted/burned everything inside.  The horrible smell was from the mostly plastic things that were in it, which were now a scorched and melted puddle in the bottom.  The water spinner-thing in the bottom was also melted.  It was a mess.  And so scary!!  It wouldn’t turn off, so we had to shut the breaker off to get it to shut down.  The counter above the dishwasher was so hot you could barely touch it.  We are so thankful that God was watching over us and this was not any worse than it could have been.  Jack says that if the inside and the outside of the dishwasher had not been stainless steel, we probably would have had a very different outcome.  Thank you, Lord, for taking care of us and protecting our home.

January2011 054

January2011 055

After cleaning up the mess, I headed to my mom and dad’s to get away from the smell – and run 11 miles on their treadmill, of course.Winking smile  Oh, and to get smiles from two of my precious nephews, Mason and Brayden, too.  Baby smiles and good run sweat cure all!

So moving on to yesterday which was New Dishwasher Day and also another GAME DAY!!  This week is busy because it is the JV Tournament AND Homecoming!  Tyler and the JV Bulldogs opened up with their first game of the tourney last night.  They are a #8 seed, facing the #1 seed.  It doesn’t look good on paper.  But boy, did it look good IN PERSON!!!

WE WON!!!!!!! 

They played great and it was so exciting to see such a big win!  GO DAWGS!!!  The crowd was so into the game, too, and even the Varsity Bulldogs were there to support the boys:

GAMEJAN10 When “SUPPORT” = high school boys acting like cheerleaders, you KNOW it has GOT to be good! Open-mouthed smile

January2011 003

January2011 008

January2011 010

YAYYYY!!!!  So now we move on to the next game in the tourney, which is Thursday night.  So exciting!

This morning we woke up to a light blanket of snow.  The kids were ecstatic…me, not so much.  Just about any snow around here closes school because of all the back and side roads in the area.  So after sleeping in for a little while, Katie is headed out to play in the snow and the boys have set up camp downstairs on the Wii.  It’s going to be a good day.Smile

I hope y’all have a good one, as well.


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