Monday, January 24, 2011

Only Moments

“Don’t think about dying…thing about LIVING!!” – Jack LaLanne, fitness guru

I have, like, 5 minutes to post today.  So here’s how the past few days have went, really quickly:

  1. Made an speedy trip to the ER on Friday night with the hubby who passed out cold at a fish fry.  Bottom line, he’s fine all scans and tests good, but may be developing a fish allergy.  Whattt?! 
  2. Spent all day Saturday in our pjs since we didn’t get back home from the ER til 5am.
  3. Went to church yesterday morning.
  4. Had Upward practice for boys basketball (Jack) and my cheerleaders.  They learned a whole cheer yesterday (the cheerleaders, not the ball players)!!  Oh my goodness, they are sooooo cute!!
  5. Ran 12 miles on my parents’ treadmill after practice while listening to XM radio on my iPhone…had it tuned to The Message, awesome.
  6. Got home and started getting things together for the new week.  Took nearly an act of congress to get the kids to bed since they are in a pattern of staying up late enjoying their snow days.
  7. Slept terribly. Sad smile
  8. DRRRUUUGGG kids out of bed this morning (see #6) to be at school on time.
  9. Cleaned house early to prepare for a meeting the hubby had this morning.
  10. Ran 8 miles at the parents’…lovin their treadmill but missing outside.
  11. At Tyler’s request, I cooked lunch for Tyler’s basketball team because they are leaving too early to eat dinner before the game.  So I took them spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch.  Yep, I’m THAT mom…and I LOVE it. Winking smile
  12. Came back home and cleaned up all the cooking mess as the hubby wrapped his meeting.
  13. Folded 3 loads of laundry.  Currently they are all stacked on the kitchen table, not to be ignored.  We’ll see how many times the kids walk by them before I have to remind them to take their clothes upstairs.
  14. Leaving now for Tyler’s game.  Picking up Katie early from school because the game is an hour away and they play at 4. 
  15. Home later to collapse and hopefully sleep well. Sleeping half-moon

Hope you are doing well!


1 comment:

Keri said...

Sounds perfect!! Every single moment of it....well, except the ER part!

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