Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Sexy

Wondering about the title of this post?

Haha, I bet! Winking smile

January 2011 003

I was BEYOND excited to check my mailbox today to see that my new book “CRAZY SEXY DIET”  had arrived [and don’t freak out about the word “diet,” in this case it means “nutrition”]!!  Kris Carr’s new book was released last week and I could not WAIT to read it.  Why?

Let me back up.

Kris Carr was a 31-year old actress and photographer living in New York City when she got a devastating diagnosis of epithelioid hemangio-endothelioma (EHE), an extremely rare cancer affecting only 0.01 percent of cancer patients.  Worse, it was inoperable, with numerous tumors in her liver and lungs.  It was also determined that there were no treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation that would benefit her.  But rather than take her poor prognosis and wait to die, Kris took her life into her own hands.  She read, and researched, and traveled, until she found an oncologist who would work with her as she learned to live and LOVE her new normal

The whole basis of Kris’ “treatment” was lifestyle changes, mostly related to nutrition.  You have heard the phrase, “Eat the colors of the rainbow”?  Well Kris takes that to the extreme!  In a sexy way.Winking smile  Her book, which is already been sold out on Amazon and in stores, encourages a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet full of delicious fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods while limiting meat, dairy, and processed foods.    Her nutrition plan has been extremely successful for her: her cancer has been stable since her diagnosis.  SCORE!

Now regardless of your own health status, the Crazy Sexy view of nutrition could benefit us all; you don’t have to be a cancer patient to benefit.  But obviously that is why it grabbed my attention at first.  It goes without saying that the Crazy Sexy way of eating is just, well, better.  I have been eating a vegetarian diet for over a year now, and was already following most of Kris’ plan.  She is a big proponent of green juices…and you KNOW how I love me a green smoothie!  Since November ‘09 I have noticed a increase in energy, my skin glows, and my blood work has been fantastic.  I’ll take it. Open-mouthed smile  

Here is MY Crazy Sexy collection:

January 2011 005 

And yes, the “Survivor” book has a pencil in it because it is a workbook of sorts…and you can bet I’m working in it. Smile  I love the way Kris took control of her life and is not only living, but THRIVING!  She has definitely helped me embrace my inner “CANCER BABE.”  (Thanks, Mags, for the introduction.)  The only criticism I can write about the Crazy Sexy books is the occasional “ugly word,” as we call them in our house.  But I am willing to overlook them to get the JUICE-y content! Winking smile

So I am off to take a small break from laundry and basketball to get a run in at my mom and dad’s then start my day!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!



Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I have heard so many great things about that book, I am going to have to check it out! :)

Maggie said...

Erica - We got each other's backs. I CAN'T wait to get that book. I'm so excited! Love you.

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