Thursday, January 6, 2011

Planning Stages

Hey guys…Smile

I’ve been so busy today that I JUST NOW realized that I hadn’t posted yet today!  Craziness.  Another day in the life of this domestic diva. Princess

After heading going for a run at my mom and dad’s this morning, I had to hurry and come back home to get cleaned up for my Lending A Hand meeting, which was at 11.  It’s been a little while since we’ve met, what with the holidays and all, so we had TONS to discuss.  Right now we are working on getting our 5K River Run all lined out.  We set a date for April 16 and are sending out donation letters to area businesses pretty soon.  I remember when we were planning for this event last year and how difficult it was to line everything up and get it all going…it was so nice today, because for many things we could just hit “Repeat.”  Of course we tweaked a few things, but for most things you know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So we didn’t.  We are hoping for another great event!  We set our goal for $15,000.  So stoked!

Tomorrow is Friday, Hallelujah!  We have basketball games tomorrow night, and then Saturday we are heading to STL to see our friends and the guys have Blues hockey tickets for Saturday night!  We are so excited and more than READY to go!!

Before I sign off tonight, I’m sure you guys have all seen (or at least heard of) this guy…AKA the man with the golden voice.  My heart smiled when I saw his interview, and his voice – Whoa!  It’s a feel good moment. Smile

OK, I’m off to go get a sleepy princess to bed.  Night y’all!


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