OK, I think my early mornings are catching up with me! If I'm going to continue to get up pre-6am then I need to make my nights a little earlier as well. But there I was this morning, up and at 'em, making coffee, putting on workout clothes: By the way, I highly recommend putting on your workout clothes first thing in the morning. Not only does it make me want to do it, but if something does come up that I can't get right to a run, it's ok, I'm ready when I can. So took my oldest son to basketball practice at 615am and came home, chugged some coffee and chugged along on the treadmill. I know I said yesterday that I needed to shake it up a bit. So I did. A bit. I did 7 miles of speed intervals, again, but every 10 minutes I stopped and did a strength move, squats w/ dumbbells, tricep extensions, pushups, etc. So the whole workout took me well over an hour but the treadmill time was only 60 minutes. I guess I'm getting faster as the week goes on! My leg didn't twinge this morning at all, and I was sprinting at 8mph. Fastest so far since my leg started hurting. Yay! My total mileage this week so far is 33 miles. I did 12 on Sunday (my long run). I shoot for 30-40 mpw, but last week did 47, week before that 45. It really just depends on what I have time for.
So today I have to go back to dr. for another checkup. Which means, yes, more driving. Oh well, at least I can go to Kroger for dinner groceries. Yay...something different! But I have a 6-month repeat breast ultrasound today for a fibroadenoma that we are watching. Probably no big deal, but my ob-gyn wants to keep an eye on it for changes, etc. But it still means a day out an about...and I am just feeling like I need more coffee!


Hey just came across your blog.. I am a runner and a christian as well... i do my long runs on sunday too!
lizzy said…
hi! i just found your blog and i really like it! i can't wait to read more. good tip about workout clothes...and i can't wait to hear more tips about treadmill running. i am a swimmer and often use running as crosstraining but it kills my knees on the pavement so i have just begun the u think that miles on the road and miles on the treadmill correlate?? and i also love your idea of 10min/then a strength exercise! i hope your doctor appt. goes well!! have a great day!
VeggieGirl said…
Wonderful blog you've got here!
Sammie said…
I hope all goes well at your check-up. Seems like your blog is coming right along nicely :)

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