Let The Weekend Begin!

Well my weekend officially begun last night! My in-laws came in last night for the long weekend and we met them at their new cabin. My hubby just finished putting the finishing touches on it yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! They hadn't seen it in a month, so they were very excited...so were we. My mil had bought a beer tap that got built into the cabinet to surprise my fil, he's a beer drinker :), so my hubby and his dad has their first icy mugs of beer as soon as they got there. It was a cute moment.
This is a pic taken inside their new "cabin." I call it a cabin because it is on the river, and it's log (our specialty). But it's beautiful and I think my hubby did an amazing job! I'll get a pic or two of the outside this weekend.

So, needless to say it was a busy evening. We didn't have the greatest dinner choices...there was fried fish, chicken strips, and chips and dip. Ugh. I did actually find a pre-made garden salad that looked like it had been made a couple days ago, so I got it hoping it wasn't all soggy and gross. It wasn't, but I got it back to the cabin and didn't have a fork! Geez! Was that a good excuse to not eat it and have the other stuff instead?? Probably not. But I did! I didn't take pics of anything because I'm still a little self-conscious about taking pictures of my food when I'm around a lot of people. That's a question...

Do you feel that "everybody's looking at me and thinking I'm weird" when you whip out your camera, or phone to take a picture of your food? Maybe not. Maybe it's just me! Or maybe it's just something you get over. But nobody except my hubby knows that I'm a writing on this blog. And he really doesn't care as long as it's not costing us money *lol*, no really that's what he asked, "Is this costing us any money?" *lol* He is too funny! Isn't that just like a man?!? But anyway...I'm not sure how to handle the "situation."

So we came back home last night because the boys had school today, and school pics, and we still needed to finish up a little payroll and office work. It's almost done now. I'm glad I got my run in uber-early this morning. 5 easy miles, just a nice easy pace...9 minute miles. My legs were thanking me for not sprinting or taking hills! As soon as I pick up the boys at 3, we will be headed to the cabin for a weekend of R&R. Sunshine and river time, here we come!


Sammie said…
Wow, that staircase is beautiful!! I love reading your comments on my blog, especially because you are a mommy TOO!! It is so nice to have mommy readers who can understand the trials of what we actually do. Enjoy your weekend! I added you to my roll because I will be stopping by to read everyday. Great Blog!!

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