Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mobile Blogging

Can you tell I am trying to figure out mobile blogging? lol This may make it possible to take pics of my eats like I had originally wanted. Lunch was a cup of Progresso Lentil soup. So warm and filling, just what I was needing because I was cold! Also a smoked ham wrap on a whole wheat low-carb tortilla, with rf sharp cheddar and lettuce. And a Jazz apple...just bought these yesterday and I love them! Now Katie and I are getting ready to go into town and run errands before we pick up the boys from school!


Fitnessista said...

that wrap looks so good! i also want to figure out how to blog on my cell phone!! i'm not so great with technology though :)
have a wonderful day!

lizzy said...

yummm your wraps looks delicious!! just like it was restaurant made!!! cool cell phone blogging...and yaaaa for football season! FINALLY it's here! i hope your having a great day!