Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breakfast Day 2, Part Deux

What a long day's tough relaxing, ha! :-) We are having a ball visiting with friends, laying by the river, and boat riding. The boys are having a ball with their river-neighbor friends, fishing, swimming, and driving the Kubota all over the property. Katie has been building sand castles and swimming with Mommy. More family is expected in today so it will be more of the same!

As you saw yesterday I started off the day great! I did really good throughout the day until it got closer to dinner and then it was just a mountain of food! Smoked ham, beans, jalapeno cornbread at one place and roast beef, potatoes, carrots, and rolls at another..I think I had some of it all! Needless to say there is no picture or proof of my indulgence! lol

This morning I got out by myself for a 6.3 mile run. It was wonderful! I put my praise and worship on my iPod and felt like I had been to church when I got back. Refreshed. Grateful for what the Lord has given us and I prayed for everyone's safety on this holiday weekend.

Breakfast was the exact same as yesterday. Strawberries and cantaloupe with ff vanilla yogurt and oatmeal. Sorry for the redundancy, but being that I'm at somebody else's home, I didn't want to bring in three different loads of things just for me! (Especially when I'm not eating Mama G's cooking like everyone else!) Today is BBQ day...chicken, pork chops, and all the traditional sides. And of course more river! I hope everyone has a glorious Sunday!


sara said...

hi erica! i have a question, what songs do you use as praise and worship bc i would love to go running and listen to some of that it sounds amazing. thankyou

*Erica* said...

Hey Sara! Some of my Praise and Worship songs come from the WOW Worship CDs, others I have just jotted down some that I like during P&W at church on Sunday mornings and downloaded from iTunes. Some of my favorite artists are: Jeremy Camp, Sonicflood, Amy Grant, Newsboys, Discovery Camp, Kutless, and Point of Grace. It really does put my in a different place when I am running. Have fun!

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