Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prom 2012

Well slowly but surely I’m getting caught up here…Smile

Van Buren High School Junior/Senior Prom 2012 was held last Saturday night, April 21.

You know, I feel kind of out of it because I can’t even remember the theme…but then again I don’t know if I ever KNEW the theme.  I was just so focused on getting my baby, ahem, my guy, ready for his first prom that I couldn’t think about anything else.  Ever since Heather asked him to go [he’s a sophomore, she’s a junior, therefore, SHE asked HIM to escort her], I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he is actually old enough to go to Prom.


I know I sound like a broken record here, but with every new milestone I just sit back and shake my head and wonder, how did we GET here?!  So quickly it seems…

I really still see Tyler as my little guy,


Oh my word, is he cute or what?!  I can hardly stand it!

But I sucked it up, and on Saturday we did this,

And a note to all your Mommas out there: YES, you can put a picture of yourself with your boy BEFORE you put up a picture of him and his date.  That’s just how it goes. Winking smile 


2012-04-22 001


My favorite picture of the night was of Tyler with his BFF, Hailey…

And, yes I’m going to flash back again,

Heehee, cutest.thing.ever.

More pics from the night,
 2012-04-22 0011


Much to our delight, the after-prom night went very smoothly.  Tyler and some friends went to PB to eat and pick up some new movies; afterwards they all came back to our house around 130am and watched movies.  I breathed deeply for the first time when I knew he was finally home.  Thank you, Jesus.

Another milestone passed!


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