Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Breaks

Believe it or not I’m actually NOT talking about our schedule!  But no, there are no breaks there either. Winking smile

I’m talking about my foot.  After an appointment with my foot doctor last Friday, it was determined that I do NOT have a stress fracture in my right foot.  Yippee!!  Such good news since it has been giving me fits for 3+ weeks.  Ugh.

He took x-rays of course, and did all kinds of testing movements and back and forth stuff, pulling and pushing, and nothing hurt.  Seriously, why is it when you go to the doctor everything stops hurting??  I mean, I guess it’s a good thing but geez!  Anyway, he said that if I was working on (or had) a stress fracture that the maneuvers he was doing would have  And it didn’t hurt at all. 

So so so glad.

But what I do have is some inflammation in the nerve(s) around the 3rd and 4th metatarsals.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which nerve is causing the problem but after him asking me some questions about the discomfort, it sounds like exactly what is going on.


SO.  Good news is, obviously, no fracture.  Bad news, there’s nothing really we can do about it.Sad smile  He said to take it easier on it for a few days and take anti inflammatories, then he fitted me for custom orthotics.  [I think] I’m pretty excited about these, because I’m hoping it will take care of my foot issues once and for all.  But we shall see.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing different workout dvds.  I did get to run pretty much pain-free on Monday – 6 miles, WAHOO!! – but then skipped a day and tried to run today and had to start walking at 4.25 miles due to the sharp pain.  Grrrrr.  I am seriously so over this. 

This winter has been such a booger for injuries and being forced to take time off.  I hate it.  I’ve gained 10+ lbs. and can’t exercise like I want to, and it really just makes me want to cry…or punch something.  Or both.  Thank you cancer, thank you menopause. <---- I’m hoping you can sense the sarcasm here.Winking smile

Anddddd we are going to get our taxes done today.  Awesome.


I AM thankful that baseball season it back today.  I’m excited to watch our Cardinals tonight as they open up the 2012 season as defending World Champions. Open-mouthed smile

I’m really thankful for the good in this post, but today I’m really irked about the not-so-good.  Tomorrow will be better.



Veronica Lynn said...

Hey friend! Just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU and am so happy and blessed that in a sense we have "found" our TRUE FRIENDSHIP again! You inspire me and I hope you know that. You are so strong, even in the midst of pain! Love you and just wanted to tell you that! <3

Veronica Lynn said...

Hey, Friend! Just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me and I am so BLESSED and HAPPY that we have seemingly "found" our TRUE friendship again! It had been too many years since high school that I had gone without my friend... Not anymore! You are so strong, even in the midst of major pain and I hope you know that others look to you in admiration and great respect! You are awesome! Love You! Just wanted you to know that! ;) <3

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