Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Illumination- Part I, The Video

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a lady at Barnes-Jewish that I knew.  We had worked together before on Komen Race for the Cure promotions for Siteman and KSDK-the NBC affiliate in St. Louis. 

She wanted to know if our family was interested in being featured in a video story about our story to be shown at the annual Illumination Gala, a fundraiser for Siteman Cancer Center.  The Gala always features a celebrity guest, gourmet dinner, and a luxury auction…a very fun evening at the Ritz-Carlton in St. Louis.  I was well aware of the Illumination Gala and what it was, so I was more than happy and excited to open up our family and our home to their film crew to come and shoot our story. 


Anything I can do to raise awareness and help Siteman to further research for a cure…I’m all about it.

So, on March 13th, a crew arrived at our house to shoot our story.  We spent the whole day doing interviews, taking still pictures, getting film shots, and yes, talking and laughing a lot, too!  We had a great day with them!  But I could not WAIT to see what the final product looked like.









When we finally got to see the finished video, we were blown.away.  Seriously, we watched it over and over.  We shared it with our families and friends, and could not wait to see it debut at the Gala.




Awesome, right?  They did such an amazing job telling our story, and getting across the importance of Siteman to our family.  Siteman IS our family now; everyone up there is an extension of our family and we are SO grateful for the hard work, and dedication that every doctor, nurse, aide, tech, and all the other staff put into their jobs. 

See the evening’s festivities in the next post!


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Geneva said...

Beautiful job on the video. You are such an inspiration you know! You and your family are amazing and reminded me of how amazing my family is too. Thank you. :)

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