Friday, April 20, 2012

Illumination- Part II, We’ve Arrived!

It was a dark and stormy day…



But we were headed to the city for two big things: The Illumination Gala and the Go! St. Louis Marathon!  I was praying that the entire weekend wouldn’t be a washout…thankfully, it wasn’t.

The Gala was held at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton (St. Louis).  After we checked in, we immediately went about checking out our swaggg-tastic suite that was reserved for us.  OMWord.  Amazing.



What a perfect place to spend the weekend with my love…Red heart

We even had a welcome tray of fruit and sparkling waters to greet us!  Do they know me or what?!  And let me just say…KRIS, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!  And I’m so glad to have met you and call you “friend.”


Umm, and I demolished that plate of fruit…almost entirely by myself.  I was starving.

The rest of our afternoon included a celebrity sighting in our hotel (Illumination’s celebrity guest!!!):



and then going to get a suit for my hot date!  He even got a pink tie…does this man love me or what?! 


He even loves me enough to take countless self-portraits of ourselves!  Haha Winking smile

More on the Gala in the next post! <------ I promise I don’t mean to drag this out, but I have lots of pictures and it would make the post uber-big if I tried to do them all at once! Smile


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